Wednesday, March 19, 2008

DREAMS OF SPRING, made by Julie on March 18, 2008
Traded to Marianne!


Donna in Louisiana said...

Julie, that is a wonderful ATC. I love it, I love dragonflies and butterflies. This is fantastic great job. Oh and the cake class was to die for... I gained ten pounds just listening to the instructor, LOL....

marianne said...

Oh Julie
Once again I have looked at your beatiful ATC´s and i realy would love to trade this for one of mine.
Please let me know which one you would like.
If this one is not available anylonger I have no trouble to pick another as they are all so wonderful.
today A friend (an artist) was here and she admired your mosaic ATC! She was impressed!
Have a great weekend!
much love Marianne

Julie said...

OH, Marianne! You are so sweet! This card is on the way to you now!