Saturday, June 21, 2008

World's Best Country, made by Julie on June 21, 2008


Aiyana said...

I really like all three of your latest creations. I've been busy with a 4x4 trade that started out as a chunky book project, but not enough folks particpated to make a chunky book. The theme is Remarkable Women, and my pages are due June 30. I have two more steps to go to finish--should be doing that instead of surfing my favorite blogs! I've made quite a few ATCs of late--I go in spurts. I think you do too!

Julie said...

Are you posting the ones you make on that one atc blog you have??? I had your old atc blog address stored in my old e-mail site, which I can no longer get into. I sure wish you could start a blog and post all of the ones you make so we can all see them!!! That would be fun! I would love to see the Remarkable Women ones! I would have to do Amelia Earhart, since she was my childhood idol!!!