Saturday, April 11, 2009

New ATC's started!

I just had to show Soulbrush that I am indeed making a start on some ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) to trade. A modest beginning...but I have to wait 3 hours drying time with this particular paint...semi-permanent enamel shimmers!!! They were just laying around the house for years, and I decided to open and try...they are very shimmery!!! I have a high gloss coat when I get them finished as should be interesting with all the shimmer and shine! Others of you are into the idea of trading...maybe we could come up with a theme, and everyone could make something of that theme (enough for everyone who wants to do the trade), and we would end up with one card from each person of the same theme! Just like on the ATC trading card swaps out there. What do you think???

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Lynn said...

Great idea, I am enjoying looking at your cards. Are you actually using playing cards? do yo cut them down to the size of an ATC (business card size?) I too want to make some more to trade. I painted some but they are simple. I think I should do some from fabric as that is my main "style" of art. Please count me in for a "trader"!
And thanks for coming to my blog today.