Monday, April 20, 2009

EARTH DAY by Julie, made on 4-20-09.
Newest technique to prepare the playing card for painting. I sanded it lightly to rough up the surface and painted it with one coat of Gesso. The painting was much quicker this way and you don't need as many coats to get what you are looking for. I love this new way that I just learned by reading a few altered board book websites! Possibly a new thing to try as well, one day!

I use a black construction paper to cover the back of my playing card and write the details using a white Milky Pen! It works great!

I left this card bare naked (NO gloss, or sealer) so it could be as natural as possible for Earth Day!


yoon see said...

Wow! You got another cool blog with great ATC Julie:)
Too bad, I am busy for doing this:(

Julie said...

Thanks, Yoon See!!!

Laura said...

Very cute! Laura in Ludwigsburg

Julie said...

Laura...thanks for the nice comment, and for stopping by!