Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fernbank, made by Julie on 7/8/08
Vacation Day # 4...visited this Museum of Natural History in Atlanta. The museum had a travelling exhibit about the polar region, and a 3D IMAX movie about Antartica, and penguins. Our favorite part though, was the natural history of Georgia exhibit ! It was really neat!

Atlanta Aquarium, made by Julie on 7/8/08
Vacation day #4. This one is self explanatory. Largest aquarium in the WORLD. Houses 4 Whale Sharks...the largest fish in the world! The little orange fish on this ATC is Deepo, the mascot for the aquarium! He was modeled after the Garibaldi fish.


Eve said...

I like that one. Being from the Gulf Coast, I like things with fish on them. I have been meaning to try a few more ATCs. I did one and really enjoyed making it.

Julie said...

Eve- Making ATC's has become addictive for me at times...I sort of come and go with it...but being on vacation, I have tried to make one for the places we visit when I get to the hotel at night...it has added a new depth to my vacation! I know...I am weird!!!