Saturday, July 5, 2008

Vacation Day #1, made by Julie on July 5, 2008
We stayed in Tifton, Georgia and drove to a tiny town called Ray City where we got to eat at Ray's Millpond Restaurant which I had first eaten at 21 years ago and not returned until 2 years ago. It has been in business since 1963, and is out in a swampy area complete with cypress trees thick with spanish moss... you can walk out on a boardwalk directly over the water, which is covered with all kinds of waterlillies, and alligators, turtles, bugs, etc. It is truely a unique experience! The restaurant serves catfish, gator, chicken, with all of these sides: Plain or cheese grits, french fries, cole slaw, sweet and dill pickles, and hush puppies! It is all delicious...terribly fattening, and a diet you could not eat every day...but once every few years ain't bad! Our next stop will be somewhere north of here!!! Bye for now!

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Ginny said...

The aunt I was named after lived in Tifton and taught there for many, many years before she passed away!!! It's such a nice town.