Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Halloween (or Fly Me To The Moon), made by Julie on 7/17/08
An attempt (at first) to make an all cloth ATC, but the black material on bottom was too flimsy to actually applique the other fabric designs onto, so I ended up using my cut yellow moon (fabric), and a white paper ghost. I was searching frantically for a little orange shred of anything to make a bow for the ghosts neck, and had NOTHING. Then my eye spied this orange butterfly sticker! It was an awesome bow tie! I had just bought these little metal stars, so I attached one to hang from the "bow". I tried to make a dotee doll head, using flesh colored felt. I will end up making another one later using all paper, with embellishments.

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Aiyana said...

I like it! I've made a few Halloween ATCs and always enjoy this theme. Lately, I've been using the same image over and over, making different ATCs each time with it.