Thursday, July 10, 2008

Interesting to note while on a trip!

Just to let you know: ATC's fit perfectly into the room key card covers at hotels! I had not thought of any way to store my ATC's on vacation, and just happened to discover this our first night out! It has kept them protected until I get home. You can fit two in one cover if you have case anyone decides to make some while on a trip!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh my gosh. I am lookig through this collection of ATC's. I had no idea that I was looking at something so small. Knowing the size makes them even more amazing.
I am not familiar with this type of art. Your efforts here are churning my muse.

Lynn said...

Terrific idea. We usually stay at cheap motels however that do not use these cards for opening the door. You just kick it in to get in. Just kidding. But great idea. LOL

Julie said...

Lynn- LOLOL! I can imagine this and it is a funny thought!!!

I am using tracing paper now to cut out a shape to use as an envelope to slip the ATC's into to mail out. I may make a video of my technique and post...I am a very frugal person and have to always come up with the least expensive way to do things!!!